Almost ever since EPSS was created, we’ve had many people who have contributed to the project either by sending photos or simply giving us further details and information about the photo shoots. We’ve gotten a great deal of help through various Elvis forums, most notably “FECC” (For Elvis CD Collectors) – almost anyone who has contributed can be found from our original topic in there, but our main contributors are (with a link to their Elvis pages, if they have one);

Rex Martin (who sadly passed away in early 2013),  Greg Altenberger (Greggers), Kevin Woolnough, Piotr Stefaniszyn, Jove, Cristi Dragomir (Hilton22000), Kari Paju (The Fool), Brian Petersen (Bripet56), and Tony King,  – a massive Thank You goes to these people, and obviously Jordan of, without whom we would’ve never gotten out of the lousy site we started with a long time ago.

This project is made to serve any and every fan who may want to discover something new about Elvis or simply just enjoys viewing some great photos of the man, but most importantly, it is dedicated to Elvis Presley himself – although it only covers a small fraction of his spectacular life and career, it is our way of adding something to the puzzle, and it is dedicated to his memory.

If there are any questions, comments, corrections, new additions, ideas, anything, or if you just wish to help in anyway, we can be reached either through the “For Elvis CD Collectors” forum, or through email: contact us

We hope you enjoy the site as much as we enjoy working on it.

Jouni K. & Sarah M.

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