By Marietta Cangelos


Too Good To Be True

In August 1969, my family took me to Las Vegas to see Elvis. Two days had gone by before I knew we were staying on the same floor with him. After I found this out, I sat with Elvis’ security guard by his door from one morning to the next. I lost eight pound in four days. I couldn’t eat, sleep or think of anything but Elvis.

On August 12th we saw Elvis’ show. WOW! I’ve never seen anything like him before. All I’d had to do was look at him glide across the stage and I’d start crying. 

By this time, Elvis’ security guard was getting tired of my hanging around so he tried to get an autographed picture of Elvis. He succeeded. I think I’d give up my life before the autograph.

On August 18th, I saw him. He was signing autographs on the corridor of the 27th floor. When I finally got to him, I threw my arms around him and kissed him. “Oh my stomach. I think I am going to die,” was the only thing I could manage to say when Elvis asked me why I was crying. After my almost heart-attack I ran to my room, and put my clothing in a paper bag (because it had touched Elvis) where it will stay forever.