In Private

All throughout his engagement Elvis would not only be seen on the stage – he had a habit of roaming the halls of the International Hotel at any hour of the day meeting fans as well as other celebrities that visited the hotel, letting them take his picture and have a chat with them. It was a great way to connect with the people who came to see him, sometimes from the other side of the world.

Below is a collection of photos from these occasions taken all throughout August 1969 – it’s an on-going project so if you have any additions, corrections or other information especially regarding the “undated” section, please contact us.



July 30; Only a day to go before his own opening show, Elvis was invited by Barbra to attend one of her shows. The photos show Elvis on his way to (or away) from the show, and in the audience.



August 1; with Marcy Garber – quite possibly the very first fan to be photographed with Elvis when his engagement started. The photo was apparently taken in the kitchen of the International and Elvis looks to be wearing the same outfit as during the press conference so maybe she met him after the press conference?



August 1; Bumping into Terry Mike Jeffrey between his very first shows.



August 6; With Jim Morris.


August 9; Meeting a wave of fans while roaming the International halls.



August 12; Meeting fans from France backstage – Jean-Marc Gargiulo, Mathieu Minacapelli and Marius Vincigerra. Also Marie Chantal was part of the group – majority of the photos taken during the meeting was taken by her, including the ones below. Some of their stories can be read on the fan reviews.



August 17; Surrounded by fans, including the fans from France – Jean-Marc can be seen on the second photo. Elvis is probably looking down at him as according to Jean-Marc, he stepped on Elvis’ foot trying to get into the photo.



August 20; “You wanna just fool around or…”



August 21; With a week of the engagement left, still roaming the halls.



August 23; Meeting Steve Toli and his wife backstage. The last two photos show Elvis before or after the meeting at the halls of the International. Steve’s story can be read on the fan reviews section.



A set of undated photos from August 1969 – if you have can help with any details, names, dates, please contact us;

First photo shows Elvis with fan Chris Trant, possibly early in August — the last photo with a lady who met Elvis more than once (see last photos on next two rows).

All three photos could possibly be from the same date.

First photo shows Elvis with none other than johnny Carson.

The last two photos may be from the same day.

All photos most likely from the same day.

The first three photos are from the same day – the last photo is with Jeannie C Riley


August 28; Because of the extremely successful engagement (Elvis alone pulled in well over a 100,000 paying customers during his month-long stay and broke all existing Vegas attendance records) the hotel management rewarded Elvis with a gold belt immediately after his final show – the belt had a text carved “Worlds Championship Attendance Record”. Alex Shoofey can be seen presenting the belt to Elvis on behalf of the hotel. The last photo shows Elvis with Bobby Morris.



August 29; After he had closed his engagement, Elvis and his group still stayed at the hotel to see the opening show of the following headliner. The photos below show Elvis and the group in the audience, and at the after party of Nancy Sinatra’s opening. On the last photo, Fred Astaire can be seen on the foreground.