Welcome to EPSS (“Elvis Photo Shoot Sessions”)

EPSS offers a large collection of ‘official’ Elvis photos that were taken in a studio setting to be used for all kinds of promotional and publicity purposes – most often on Elvis’ record sleeves, movie posters, any kind of magazines and fan merchandise. From 1955 to 1969 there were many of these ‘sessions’ and thousands of photos snapped during them of Elvis, as well as some of his co-stars – we’ve tried to collect as much of them together as possible in order to give people a better idea of what was taken and when, and exactly how much.

The photos come from all kinds of different sources (contact sheets, actual photos, magazines, posters, auction sites, various merchandise, cd/dvd/record sleeves etc.) so on many cases the quality is far from perfect as we have to work with what we can find – however, we want to give as comprehensive look on the subject as possible so we add every single photo despite of their possible faults. We do not sell anything – the site is for research/reference use for anyone interested in the subject, and is an ongoing project that will possibly never be completely finished.

With that being said, we hope you enjoy the site for what it is – a small glimpse into the fascinating world of Elvis Presley. If there’s anything You would like to help with, correct, or just comment on, click on “credits” where you can find our contact information and we’re happy to help.


All copyright goes to the people/companies actually responsible for and arranging the shoots.